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Posted on April 11, 2017

PR Director

107.7 The Edge Wins 2017 Organization of the Year

At the SUBOG award ceremony on April 10th, 2017, WFCS 107.7 The Edge was awarded Outstanding Student Organization of the Year by faculty advisor Gil Gigliotti. When called on stage and given a plaque, eight DJ’s, including General Manager Anna Battye, RPM Director, Brazos Ebner, Director Of Development Kyle Miller, Public Relations Director Victoria Minervino, […]

Posted on April 8, 2017

PR Director

107.7 The Edge at the CCSU Open House!

WFCS 107.7 The Edge is at the CCSU Open House (ending at 2pm today) welcoming all high school juniors and transfer students to look into what is in store for them at CCSU!  WFCS is looking forward to welcoming the next generation of students to Central. With over 20 clubs present, WFCS is standing out […]

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